Whether its to replace one tile or a whole roof or anything in between we have you covered

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are often the most exposed part of your roof and often overlooked, especially if unused. Over time frost, damp and even birds nesting can cause severe issues and become dangerous if not properly maintained and repaired.

Chimney services provided by ideal roofing are as follows:

  • chimney cowling installation
  • chimney flashing replacement
  • chimney repointing
  • chimney removal
  • chimney rebuilding
  • chimney sealing
  • chimney surveys

Roof Repairs

Ideal Roofing carries out a wide range of roof repairs starting from replacing a slipped or broken tile to a completely new roof. Issues with your roof are best addressed immediately as any water leaking through is likely to cause secondary damage and lead to further repair costs.

Our roof repair services include:

  • tile replacements
  • ridge tile re-bedding
  • roof valley repairs
  • roof verge repairs
  • unblocking soakaways
  • unblocking gutters
  • lead flashing replacement
  • complete roof replacement
  • flat roof repairs
  • storm damage repairs

and many more repairs.

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Flat Roofs

Are you seeking a replacement flat roof ?  Ideal Roofing are leading installers of bitumen, GRP and single ply flat roofs.

If you are not sure which product will be best for your property? Please give us a call so we can evaluate which would be most appropriate.

Do you have an old asbestos roof that requires replacement? Ideal roofing can remove and replace your asbestos flat roof  at  an affordable cost.

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UPVC Fascia Soffit and Guttering

Ideal Roofing offers a reliable and professional UPVC fascia soffit and guttering installation service.

All of our installers are vetted tradesmen and highly experienced with UPVC systems and are capable of helping you choose the best style for your property.

Do you have a an old leaking concrete guttering system on your property?

Ideal Roofing are experts in removal and replacement of concrete guttering systems with UPVC fascia soffit and guttering.

Replacing your concrete guttering system will not only ensure the stop of leakages but will also really modernise the look of your property.

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Roof Cleaning

Ideal Roofing offer a complete moss removal service to completely eradicate harmful and unsightly moss from your roof.

Why remove moss?

Moss build up happens over time and can lead to several issues that if left can cause damage to your property these issues include blocked gutters, blocked soak a-ways and corrosion of roof tiles.

A mossy roof can make a property look dull and reduce its curb side appeal, remove the moss for a cleaner brighter looking property.

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